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Thomas Cochran

February 25, 2012

Meeting Notes


It is an honor to address you.
We are pleased that these programs,
so richly deserved, have been funded
in a year of so much adjustment and change.
When you talk about your vision
and your commitment, you must remodel.
It’s like your home: you are the last
to know when the color needs attention.
Think about your area and ask yourself,
“Is it like a museum down there?”
We must move beyond being afraid,
for the future is not where we are going;
rather, it is a place we are creating.
Ladies and gentlemen, let us begin.
from Mudlark Flash 65 (2012)

Known primarily as a fiction writer, Thomas Cochran is also a fine poet
and a dear friend. He read last night for the launch of the second issue of Toad Suck Review, 
the young heir to Exquisite Corpse. 
Other new poems can be found here and here and here. Oh, and here.